Asus Xonar D2



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I ordered this card and it is to be delivered imminently... Will report back with impressions...



While EAX2.0 is hardware based, the zonar offers EAX5 abilities. That's gaming stuff though, and this isn't a gaming card...but does so very well.

The 118db SNR is also at 192KHz/24Bit and to all 7.1 channels. The auzentech's higher SNR is at lower bands. If you'd test them nut for nut, that would be revealed. The Zonar is just as clean at lower bit rates, and the Auzen cant' do the 192.

So why are sound cards benched by gaming prowess? I thought that was the sister magazine where our readers are a bit more elite than that. No Steely Dan or Nightfly? Heck, even Clapton's unplugged should be at least passed through. Acoustical tests, ya know? And perhaps one acoustical measurement and not just the ear, as we're all different and subjective.

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