Asus Striker Extreme



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Constant CPU Init errors

Takes forever to post to Windows

Often hangs on startup

Miserable OC experience with Q6600

DDR2 memory requirements finicky

My most expensive board and worst experience.



"Wherever you go, there you are."
---buckaroo bonzai

I bought the hype and bought the board. It's a great board if you leave it alone. Try to overclock it and it locks up tight. I had to reset the cmos, something the board said it didn't have to do. Funny how it still had the jumper and the clear cmos button. Seems to me if it's supposed to automatically reset in case of error you wouldn't need that feature.



Has been recommended by many of my gaming friends.
I will soon own this speedy motherboard.



Continued bios revisions still fails to provide a pleasant experience for most users. CPU_Init and cmos-err errors abound and rma takes over three weeks.

This board is like poker, you may get a good hand once in awhile but the odds are with the house.



I recently bought this board and it was a bit pricey, but I'm happy with my purchase. I have one question about it though, I haven't installed the sound board because I have an extreme music, which has little or no useful functionality in Vista.



Is ASUS hoping for a bigger share of the gaming market? This is a fair board that is not worth the bucks. Even after 3 months of continued BIOS development this board still lacks full memory support. Beside the lack of BIOS support the filters surrounding the CPU socket make it impossible to use the stock cooling system provided by INTEL. Save yourself some money and opt for the P5N32 instead.



damn that mobo!!!! a hot rod but a hot price for this work of art



Nice board and layout, but not for that much money =) I'll stick with my 650i.

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