Asus GTX 590 Dual-GPU Video Card Review



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My system completely cranked with an i52500k smashes those listed framerates in the ones I play, and doesn't drop below 55-60fps in 3D. I'm running an i52500k @ 5.086GHz with a stock EVGA GTX590 Classified.


Intel Core i5-2500K Processor

Processor clock
5068 MHz

Detailed scores

3DMark Score

35333 3DMarks


Graphics Score



CPU Score



Jane Nash

117.11 FPS


New Calico

117.89 FPS


AI Test

3557 operations/s


Physics Test

35 operations/s


Default settings used




In my line of work if something or someone is better we give it credit where credit is due. i am not biased one way or another toward NVIDIA or AMD ive seen both put in builds and excel quite greatly. But when you put Sergeants head to head and one of them performs better guess what. he gets promoted. if the 6990 performs better than the 590 then it should be credited for its ability. I have a personal build coming up after my deployment and another for a family member. In mine im using a 6990 ( might Crossfire 6970 with it or quadfire the sucker and go all out) in the other She wants something affordable but high quality. im putting in a GTX 580 because lets face it its the best single GPU out there. I hate how people accuse you of being payed off by Intel and Nvidia cuz its just childish. But you cant blame them when you come out with articles like this. All im sayin is Be Honest. If you think one is better than other prove it but all i read in this article was "6990 out performs; 590 unfinished"



Soooo.... if the 6990 outpaced this card in all but 3 tests (of which only two were more than marginal wins), has more hardware power AND better power use at higher clocks, then why is this card posted as the Best of the Best for Money is No Oblect Video Card?

Is it because its just a bit shorter and a slight bit quiter(at such low clock speeds though)? That doesn't sound like the MPC way...

How can Maximum PC say this is the BotB card when the AMD cards have been burning Nvidia through both generations of DX 11 GPUs?

When did MPC start favoring Nvidia?



I have a Nvidia GTX 470 Graphics card in my system.

I don't understand you guy's needing to upgrade to a $600 graphics

if you have a good Intel Dual/CPU and 4GB of memory in your

you should be good to go for a few years. I play the most
demanding games out there,

And I play them at they're highest settings. I edit video
& Photo's at light speed with no problems. Purchase a $600 Video Card if
you just have money to burn.

But don't upgrade to get faster FPS when you're running
Crysis at 60 or more FPS.

used that money to pay down on a new 3D Monitor that's the
smart thing.


Keatah the bargain bin at wal-mart next year I'll get one. right now 699 is far too high in price for such a hot runnung card.




I currently own an EVGA Nvidia GTX 570 and it is awesome for what I do = First Person Shooters Gaming and Video/Photo editing - I was considering to use their step-up program to get this GTX 590 - but for the price I can just get another GTX 570 to go SLI and get better performance than the GTX 590... I've also heard in other reviews and forum threads that the GTX 590 has been blowing up at stock volatages and from running 3D Marks tests?!!



If you have seen the video then you understand that the overclockers were intentionaly pushing the card to its limits, WHY ELSE would there be a video of only the card? overheating

The 590 gtx goes boom theory is consumer hype IMO. Ati consumers watch something like this and without any logical thought in the process say "negative negative negative things about the card". I myself use both ati and nvidia products. Personaly I think that nvidia is in the right here and got a bad deal with what people are saying from the ONLY video thats available of a 590 going boom (obvi on purpose without someone else 1st testing out the limits of the card)

IF you remove the software and bios limitations on ati card im sure u can crank up the voltages/amps and fry in a very similar way



has some serious OVERCLOCKING potential just look at the gpu core clock

dunno why they did this with the early release,... perhaps power consumption etc.

read quite a few reviews on this card, sli with no overclocking performs on par with 6990 xfire unlocked 880s

There must be a reason for the 190mhz underclocked cores perhaps a the fact you might need a 1400-1600watt psu to push 2 of these in sli overclocked not even gonna get into 12v rail amps



This is so awesome. Nvidia gets the crown for single and dual [and hopefully, eventually, triple ;) ]. A nice comeback to the 6990. Although this senairio does seem familiar, somehow [480 vs 5970, only this time the wining margins for nvidia is larger]. And multiple screens from one card!    ...I can't wait to see evga's sc version of this o.0

edit: It seems that almost everyone forgerts that nvidia has larger wins and smaller losses compared to amd. and that games played on nvidia are better quality as well, because nvidia is so much better with tesselation. those core/memory clocks... I know it's to keep the heat down, but because of that the battle will go on (amd vs nvidia), all it would've took is higher clocks (maybe extra 1gB gddr5) to end that fight. Oh well. Let the Holy Wars continue.

PS: I also wouldn't mind seeing a review for the EVGA 590.



Hello all,

Thanks for the prompt review.

You did state that the 580GTX is the most muscular single GPU card available; so does that mean that I'd be better off buying a 580GTX rather than a 590 GTX?

I was looking for some opinion's: Given the choice, which graphics card would you buy, the GTX580 or the GTX590?





I find it interesting that nVidia has released this card as is, usually they wait to tweak it more so they can beat AMD. Kudos to AMD for releasing a faster card for a second time in a row.



I currently have 2 HD 6970s in my new rig.  I would love if the Benchmarks could compare the 2 Card Setups along with the Dual GPU cards for comparison.  I would like to know how much faster/slower Crossfire 6970 set up is compared to the 6990 and an SLI 580 is compared to the 590.

And while I am wishing ... what about SLI 590's and Crossfire 6990's just to see what happens.

Yea I know keep dreamin.



Scottish accent: "I'm given' 'er all she's got, Captain, the power supplies just can't take the load!"

I suppose it might work with two 1500 watt power supplies and some liquid nitrogen, or if you live in Alaska. Maybe guru3d will review these setups. They have nice comparison charts and test how well all of their cards overclock.



I will stick with my eVGA 580 SC thanks. Have not seen a framerate that I have found objectionable on my 2560 x1440 monitor. The card does buzz some on full spinup, I wish MPC did a Db test on the cards, "slightly quieter" means what exactly?



Slightly quieter means you can turn your speakers all the way down to 96%. I would only buy a 590 if the performance at least approached that of two 580s. At least it is priced 'reasonably' considering the in-between performance.



Many distributors use their own custom fan configurations instead of the OEM. The noise can vary depending who you buy it from. 

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