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The game play is good but sometimes repettive.

The things I dislike about Assasins Creed for PC is two things.

#1 Its a poor port. Not the game itself but they didnt even bother to put a leave game option from the splash screen. So you can hit alt f4 or force quit the game.

#2 The controls. They suggest you buy a xbox controller instead of the keyboard. Fine. I bought a madcatz xbox controller for 24.99 plugged it in a recognized it. The problem is they keys arent mapped correctly even though that is the default controller they built the game around.

Doens't look like they put much effort in the port. To me even with the go almost anywhere, unique style of play I would give it 7. Then go online and dig for 45 mins to find a post where someone posted what the xbox controller is mapped like to set mine up for PC.

I started playing the game with the keyboard/mouse but the keys were all over the place. I was pissed off enough over it I havent even played it again after I started mapping the keys to the controller. Plenty of great games around that arent a hassle to get up to play and the developers put 100% effort into



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High system requirements my ass! I'm running this on an 8400GS and the q6600. If you have less than that, you really shouldn't be on this site anyway.



You're an ass.



I didn't hear a lot of bad things about it. What prevented it from getting a kick ass award? I haven't played the game but heard it's awesome and was suprised to see it did not achieve it. Is it more the repetitiveness or the system requirements that did it?



Its alot of fun to randomly kill peasants in the towns then go and jump around the rooftops till the guards go away



its a great game, I really like the actual assassinations, where I set it up by killing all archers and asmany guards as I can without being spotted.  Then executing my plan to perfection.  The one thingI don't like are the beggars and the possessed people who randomly punch you.  One other bad thing is that getting the flags gets you no reward from what I hear.  Other than that, its a great game, especially because there is so much to explore.  


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