Where's My Data?!



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If he installed XP without applying SP1 or better, then he would not be able to see the drive correctly.  Only until SP1 did we get 48-bit LBA support.  All should be well after he applys the missing patches.



I am a little puzzled as to why he was able to access the 1 TB drive before reformatting the OS drive and now he can't. Is he using he same version of Windows before and after? I am assuming he has updated his newly formatted drives with all of the latest service packs and updates. Maybe not. Perhaps in the editing of this question/answer some vital details were left out. Or am I just missing something?



You could go with booting a Linux LiveCD, mounting both drives and copying your data from the 1TB to your OS drive. Worked wonders for me when my old HDD was crapping out and I couldn't boot Windows on it. An Ubuntu or PCLinuxOS disc would be the best bet as they're both dead simple for someone with some Windows knowledge.

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