The Hunt For Vista Drivers



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Here is an essential resource for nVidia laptop owners:
On a gaming support forum I help out in we send people here all the time.  Basically nVidia's drivers use whats called a Unified Driver Model.  Which means that the same driver will work on all of nVidia's hardware.  What keeps the driver from working on laptops is that the installer cannot correctly identify the laptop parts.  Laptop Video 2 Go provides whats called modified .inf files which tells the installer how to identify the part.  You absolutely must read and follow the instructions in their Quickstart Guide as it tells you how to get the installer to use the modified .inf file.  The best thing about Laptop Video 2 Go is that you end up using the latest ForceWare drivers that are available, not some manufacturer provided piece of junk thats eight months out of date.  So all your games work better and some that wouldn't work at all with the manufacturer drivers work like a charm.
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The quickest & best way to go about this is by following steps @ LaptopVideo2Go

1) Find the driver version & architecture that works with your OS
2) Get the modified inf file that is supplied on the page with the driver link.
3) Run the driver setup & allow it to distract to its default location. The
installation will fail.
4) Copy the modified inf to the main folder for the driver files that were
5) Re-run the driver setup & all should be good to go.

 For instance... v177.98 Vista x64

 This page has the driver link & the modified inf that allows driver
installation for almost every Nvidia GPU.

 Quickstart Guide



Could the doctor help with a related problem at:



Skull One

I have a laptop with an NVidia card in it also.  If the user tries to install the drivers you mentioned they will get an error saying the card is not supported and to go the the manufacturers site to get the proper drivers.  I've seen (though it's been a while and I can't remember the site) a web site that cracked the card detection and allowed the newer drivers to be installed even on mobile products.  Though if I remember correctly you also lost the mobile power settings to help save battery life as you just installed the unified desktop drivers.  They worked fine, but could eatup you laptop battery since the video was running at full power 100% of the time.



You are spot on with that answer.  It does suck though that most major builders (dell, HP, etc.)  Only update the video card drivers for between 3-6 months after cards are released.  My 8600M GT only had one update for the entire life of it, which I am still trying to use.  I am unable to play some games for the simple fact that the drivers wont allow me to.  I also know of this site which you speak of and it can decrease batter life up to 25% if you use the cracked drivers.  Not only that, it can cause other incompatability issues, so you trade playing some games for doing other things.  I don't see why it would be so hard for those companies to release drivers for the cards for more than 6 months.



 Why not just go to NVidia?



Nvidia does not specifically support most notebook GPUs and instead relies on OEM vendors to create their own drivers. The link you've listed is for desktop GPUs only. If you look at the products supported list you'll notice the GeForce Go 7900 GS is not listed.


Keith E. Whisman

Nvidia provides drivers to the oems but expects the oems to finish the drivers. Because OEMs can modify the the amount of video memory and clock speeds and adjust timings for battery life the driver needs to be completed by the oem.  The final settings in the driver have to be set by the oem and then made available to the end user. If Nvidia does'nt provide the OEM with a 64bit driver then there will be no 64bit driver made available.

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