The Cloning Wars



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I think the only way to do it successfully is cloning
outside windows with the software you mention. I want to ad something,
you can use gparted to do it. The following link is a detailed guide of
the process, I am sure it works  because I did it step by step and
migrated all my stuff  (I mean OS and files) from an 80 gb ide hd to a
250 gb sata  hd.

Hope it helps

The Olmec



Tried every tactic in the book; Acronis TI, Acronis Migrate, Norton Partition Magic, Ghost v11-14, Paragon Series of tools, numerous freeware utilities(UBCD and Hiren's Boot Cd included)... to clone or backup & restore this Dell drive, the end result every time is a corrupt MFT and failure to boot-BSOD. The drive does not feature a Restore partition like many recent Dell products, but does have the hidden Dell Utility part. Have tried copying partitions over with and without the Dell Utility part. and changing needed options in Boot.ini, but always same result. Have tried many tools and many drives(thinking it was bad hard drive) and even eliminating the Dell from the process using a surrogate to do the clone or backup/restore and still no go. Asked dell if they could give me some insight on what may be the problem and they were overwhelmingly unhelpful.




I agree with the True Image Recomendation.  How does $10 sound?

Check out this link for Gizmo's Tech News:

The Acronis offer is good only until Friday September 19th.

I have been using True Image since version 9.  I like to test out shareware and freeware and True Image keeps me safe.  It's "Try & Decide" feature is really great.  The next version (2009) will let your "Try & Decide" session survive a system re-boot! Even better!




True Image from Acronis also does a great  job of creating back up images. It's not free though.

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