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 I have had this problem with both Vista and Win7. Both times it was a GRAPHICS DRIVER issue. Undating OR backdating my GRAPHICS driver fixed the problem. It could also be a sound driver or other driver. Remember that OVER HALF of all problems with the initial release of Vista were graphics drivers causing problems. If that does not fix it, check your NETWORK connections and delete any that are not online.

Do not be so quick to think that startup apps are always the cause. Anything that gets loaded in on boot can cause a boot slowdown if it is not working right.




r2 Studios Startup Delayer has an optional graphical interface to let you know when the programs have all been started



I like WinPatrol myself.  It has a free and paid version, and not only allows you to view, disable, or delay startup applicaions, but it also monitors new startup applications, browser plugins, registry services, and internet settings (like your hosts file) and alerts you if something was changed.  If you don't want something changed, click the no box and WinPatrol reverses the mod.  It keeps a cache of your settings and checks every 5 minutes or so, so sometimes you see an alert a bit after the fact.

Scotty is on patrol (and just plain awesome).  I'll disable my on-access scan in my anti-virus when playing certain bulky games, but WinPatrol is ligh-weight enough that I leave it on all the time... I trust Scotty with my machine's life.



I posted the same thing in the feedback thread on 09 Aug.

Sounds like Ray has to many startup apps, plain and simple. As for the app he is looking for... sometimes we miss the obvious. Adding more bloatware should be avoided, especially since that's probably what created the problem. Windows Task Manager's Processes tab can normally identify the culprit, sort by CPU & Mem usage. The Performance tab is nice too.

Windows 7 has several tools. I don't care much for the article but it identifies some  useful tools in 7.



he can hibernate instead



You can enable windows Defender and Poke around in the options Menu looking for the startup programs manager, it will show you a list of startup programs with Job Descriptions that you can Disable!  Its actually all that windows defender is good @...Turn it backoff when ur done.

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