Soundcard Interface Woes



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I have a 680i and experienced the same problem with a Fatality card that had a front panel.  Creative drivers are fickle.  The only way I could get everything to work is this.  First, go into the BIOS and switch off the onboard soundcard.  Next, reinstall windows.  Now, this is the really, really important step.  Install the Creative soundacrd drivers first, before the display drivers, before anything else.  Don't even update Windows until you've first installed the drivers from the Creative CD.  Finally, do not ever update the drivers from Creative's website.  Even if it's the first thing you do after installing Windows and the Creative OEM drivers, updating will screw up the card's functionality.  This solution applies to Windows XP for sure.  Probably the same deal with any other OS. 



Are the sliders for the I/O panel showing up in your volume control panel?  Line In 2, Mic 2 and Aux 2?  That ribbon cable is a pain in the ass.  Power cable not such a big deal cuz it kinda locks in place.  I'm using a 680i.  No issues with that.  I can't recall as to if the cd asks if I'm using a platinum or not.  I haven't had to use the cd as much since I got the FPS Platinum.  The Audigy 2 cd did.  The first Audigy did too.  Never had a Live! Platinum.  LOL...Had the first All In Wonder AGP in that system too...Hated ATI ever since.

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