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I would also move all browser cache's to your other drive, you can look it up depending on your browser. I also would disable Page File, and move your windows temp folders to the other drive, its under System Properties under the Advanced Tab and its in the setting button under performance. 

You can try this if your computer is stable with no issues, turn off System Restore like someone else mentioned which will free up space. Then turn it back on if you like system restore and create a restore point, doing it once a month will help.

Use CCleaner as others have mentioned. 


nsk chaos

i have this problem too but ccleaner helps keep it a lot



I've seen error reports pile up on machines with a hardware/software problem.  Also, show your protected operating system files (folder options/view/uncheck "Hide protected...") in your C drive to check how much space hiberfil.sys and pagefile.sys are taking up.  They get almost 8gigs on my computer - Win7 x64.  Killing or relocating system restore isn't a bad idea for small HD's either.



wrong reply



System restore in vista is a resource hog. I sat and watched my 500GB (465GB usable) (after everything I wanted installed was 437GB free) dwindle considerably and constantly down to 320GB in just a few weeks. I set out to find the culprit and as it turned out, it was system restore. I turned that sucker off and regained all my space back.

I found out that vista keeps your restore points for a lengthy amount of time eating at HDD available space. Even setting it at 4GB, or less, to use for backup consumes space over time. So I flipped that puppy back on and every few days or so, I delete previous restore points to regain my space.



There is an easier way to your problem and it's integrated right in Windows since Windows XP (maybe even older)

part of the disk cleanup utility. Simply right click a drive >
properties > disk cleanup. Wait a bit until the new window appears
then more options tab >  clean up... button in system restore
section. Clicking this button deletes every restore point but the last
one. Safe & practical.

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