Second Opinion: DVR Video over FireWire



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ExDeus You are the man!!!!! (or woman if the case applies as I am unsure of your sex but either way you rock!) I have been searching for this mandate for awhile and coming up empty handed. I currently have a fight brewing with Comcast who refuse to supply me with a unlocked firewire HD STB. 


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FCC (47 CFR) 76.640

(4) Cable operators shall:

(i) Effective April 1, 2004, upon request of a customer, replace any leased
high definition set-top box, which does not include a functional IEEE 1394
interface, with one that includes a functional IEEE 1394 interface or
upgrade the customer's set-top box by download or other means to ensure that
the IEEE 1394 interface is functional.

(ii) Effective July 1, 2005, include both a DVI or HDMI interface and an
IEEE 1394 interface on all high definition set-top boxes acquired by a cable
operator for distribution to customers.




I have seen numerous references stating that there is an FCC mandate to have the Firewire port enabled on DVR settop boxes.  I have never seen any reference to a scource for this mandate.  Searching the FCC site for Firewire brings up some hits but none with respect to this mandate.  My provider, Verizon FIOS, does not enable the interface and I have confirmed with a level 3 techie that it is not enabled on their DVRs.  I have come to the conclusion that this mandate thing is a myth.  I can accept that some DVRs have an enabled Firewire port that allows folks to access the hard drive.  But the fact remains that this is less than a universal feature.  Can any one cite a source for the supposed mandate?




I actually found that in the
"Does Ethernet Belong in Cable TV Set-top Boxes? Intel Says Yes - Asks FCC To Mandate It" article on this site.


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