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Think of a Port Multiplier as a USB hub.  It is possible to plug a Sata PM into a single host SATA port and a achieve up to a 1:15 relationship ie: 1 physical host SATA port supporting 15 SATA hard disks, hence my comment about the 1:1 relationship being a little misleading.

Please note that many SATA ports do NOT support SATA PM, and frankly the documentation of those that do is mostly extremely lacking.

In most instances there is no hub as such, the PM sits on the backplane of the SATA expansion chasis that you buy.

The goal of SATA PM was to provide easy, cost effective expansion of SATA storage.  The limit being, that the host port is still only 1.5/3Gb/s, so obviously it can be easily oversubscribed.  Given your application oversubscription may well not be an issue.







I can't use SATA OPs because my MOBO sets all SATA ports to RAID. Even if I only use the first two for HDDs. So, in order to to watch a DVD I have to put it in before turning on my computer. If I put the disk in while the computer is on, it won't read it. So I'm stuck with IDE. Sad because I spent the money buying SATA OPs and can't use them, plus I want a BLU-Ray burner and all the ones I found are are SATA.



Seeing that this is what the doctor chose, I'd hate to see how bad the other questions were.



Whats missleading about it?  You can only install one drive per sATA port on the motherboard.  If you have 5 ports you can only install 5 drives. 




This information is misleading with repect to SATA Port Multiplier.  Particularly where you make the statement one drive, one port.  More detailed explanation in the context of this questions is required.


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