Removing Rogue 'Security'



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I've been using regcure since I was forced to reinstall my windows because of some kind of virus that get in my computer and I could not get rid of it with any method I know and since than I had no problems .



 Amonst all of these antivirus and antimalware programs, you need to have at least one and better two registry cleaners. Registry cleaner will remove the nasty reg lines that keep reloading the malware. Sometimes the antimalware will catch these but not always.

I use  RegSupremePro and Tuneup Utilites for reg cleaners. RegsupremePro is the best of the two but TuneUp has a lot more features.



The problem with most spyware is that it likes to hide out in your system restore, so even after you think you have successsfully removed it; after a reboot it restores itself form system restore and reinfects your system. You will need to disable system restore (doing so will delete and restore points you have created), I also disable the system restore service as just disabling system restore does not always do the trick.



I've fought AV08/09/10 Windows Police Pro almost daily here a few months ago, Spybot does wonders on them but not so great on police pro. Its not antivirus or antimalware but revo works nicely on some of them



Antivirus 2009 is an easy one.


I've gotten rid of it a bunch of times using combofix. You'll just need to clean up the rest of the folders manualy after you run it.


But there is a new one. Called Antivirus pro or something, Blocks all antiviruses from running (blocks the .exe) blocks combofix, malware bytes, even from booting into safe mode (Gives you a blue screen)


Since I don't have a usb dongle or anything, I just put Linux mint on my laptop. 


Hg Dragon

The link I posted has a small reg fix if launching .exe's (well, trying to launch them, actually) results in a command prompt window that flashes by quickly or nothing at all for that matter.



I've removed Antivirus 2009 and similar things many times from many computers and never had any problems doing so. (although one computer prevented some of my AVs from running-no surprise that Adaware caught some 500 threats).

I use Hiren's Boot disk to do most virus cleanup as I don't want to connect an infected computer to a network or connect a flash drive.

Hiren's boot cd is considered Warez, but it is a lifesaver.

Mcaffee gives a false positive on some of the older versions of this disc because it contained an unofficial mcaffee definitions updater, but rest assured it was not a virus.


Hg Dragon

I hate, HATE, HATE! this particular piece of Internet filth and all of it's mutations. I spent an entire week removing this pile of garbage form three infected machines at my office (and one of them was a repeat offender...). I found a nice site with some version-specific tools to remove the nasty liitle tidbits that Malware Bytes/SuperAntiSpyware/Spybot leave behind for whatever reason.

The sidebar on the right will take you to version-specific removal tools. It's helped me quite a bit with one particularly deep-rooted install.

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