Reinstall from Image to Defeat Malware?


Reinstall from Image to Defeat Malware?

Ask the Doctor LogoI have a system with anti-virus and anti-spyware software installed. I also made a backup image with Acronis True Image some time ago. Now, somehow it got a bad malware infection that nothing can remove completely. The usual method is to reformat and reinstall Windows, but what if I use a clean image from Acronis to restore my system? Can that be done? Will it get rid of all the malware, or will some be left behind?

—Ted Bunny

Ted, provided the image you made with Acronis was taken before your computer got infected, and the image itself isn’t infected, restoring your system from a drive image should be just as effective as reformatting and reinstalling Windows from scratch. We’d still suggest reformatting before you use Acronis, just to be safe.


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