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Keith E. Whisman

with the handfull of great free antivirus and antispyware programs as well as windows Vista built in firewall you should'nt need to spend any money at all on protection.

There is alot of free stuff out there that is in some cases better than anything you can buy. So check out the free stuff first and if your not satisfied then buy something. I use Avira Antivirus it's free and works great. I use it because it has a simple interface so I can shut it off during gaming. So does Threatfire. I use both of these free programs and I'm almost completely safe from spyware and viruses. Almost because you can never really be completely safe. But almost is good enough because I've stopped every infection that's ever tried to inhabit my machine.



Hasn't Norton gotten a black eye over the last few years for continual resource hogging and constant spinup of hard drives? Give Nod32 a try if you find your system slowing down. I trade off Zonealarm security suite (2 months before that fiasco) for nod32 and my boot times improved and ram usage is 15% less than with zonealarm. Try different ones, read reviews and pick one that's your style! Good luck.




 ergo, you don't need real-time scanning, just scan every now and then and stop giving up precious resources and CPU cycles on unnecessary applications. Use Linux or FreeBSD (PC-BSD is VERY easy ergo, I haven't googled a how-to on anything thus far).



ergo x 2?  I call shenanigans

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