PC Won't Stay On



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I always say:  Gigabyte, Gigabyte, Gigabyte.  They build with the best components on the market and I've never had one fail, much less blow a capacitor.

The Gigabyte website calls it “Ultra Durable,” which is pretty much market speak for 2x or 3x copper and solid body capacitors (electrolytes are not what mobos crave).

Good read:  http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=2113



My friend had a similar problem, we diagnosed it finally when the video card caught fire. Bad capacitor. Look for bad caps on the MoBo since everything else was checked. Also, if it is a bad HDD then using a live disc of Ubunto or Knoppix will let you boot. Usually a bad HDD will leave you with a blinking cursor but it boots. Something with the video circuit shuts it down early.

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