P55 or X58



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It also appears that X58 has better support for USB 3.0 and SATA-III drives, as it is not limited to "stealing" bandwidth from existing PciE lanes. The P55 only has 16 "native lanes, so adding USB3/SATA-III to that chipset reduces the video bandwidth unless you add a bridge chip like NForce 200 to the board. And even then on some new boards you can lose that speed boost if you add an extra video card.

On X58, which has more channels, when you add USB3 and SATA-III you do not lose any native speed for multiple video cards.  

 On my Asus P6X58D, I can run 2 video cards at 16x/16x natively and still have USB 3.0 and SATA-III both at the standard 6GB/s. Very few P55 boards can do that, and certainly not as "true" 16x/16x.


Definitely an advantage in the future.

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Powercolor Radeon 5850
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good point.....i like the x58 for this reason.....plus i plan to keep my mobo for several years,so that 900 dollar 6-core cpu,will be around 200 1 or 2 years after it comes out.

 good point george....i did'nt know that.

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