Mystery Error at Line 544


Mystery Error at Line 544

Ask the Doctor LogoI love my PC, but it has just gone wacko! I keep getting this error on Windows XP: “Parser message: Value creation failed at line 544.”

I put my PC to sleep, but the message pops up repeatedly before it will sleep. Once it returns from sleep, the same message pops up five times, followed by the Classic startup screen. I don’t use the classic theme, but I couldn’t figure out what was going on so I just dismissed the error and kept playing the game I was playing. The next day the error was back. Help!

—Will English

This can happen if you’re using a nonstandard visual style for Windows. Service Pack 3 broke a lot of custom visual-style switchers like Uxtheme Patcher and StyleXP. If you were using one of those, or if you’ve recently upgraded to XP SP3, switch back to the default Windows XP theme (right-click your desktop, select Properties, and in the Theme tab, pick “Windows XP” from the drop-down menu).

If that doesn’t work, some other system file may have changed in a way that Windows doesn’t understand. To find out, go to the Start menu, hit Run, and type src /scannow, then hit Enter. Windows will scan its protected files and if it finds any nonstandard ones, will overwrite them, which will hopefully solve your problem if the first step doesn’t.


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