Mismatched Monitors



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White point calibration is the key to matching unlike monitors. It won't work if you just "pick" a whitepoint setting. You must use hardware like the X-rite i1 Display 2 and the "advanced" section of its monitor calibration. It takes practice, and a fair amount of time, but it's possible to get unlike monitors to be very similar. If your monitors don't let you adjust R, G, and B seperately then you'll never be able to get them to match.



When I got a second monitor, I made sure to get the exact same model as the other. Color representation is equal (or so I can tell), but one is a bit brighter than the other at the same settings. I think I got that worked out now.



 at our office we use Eye one, a company different hardward

the  is x-rite but the item is sold also at Amazon



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