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If all you want to do is slipstream your XP disk, just use the built in method that your SP2 or SP3 installer already has.  There is a very comprehensive article I found here that documents the process.  It even tells you how to remove the old SP files and update the tools on the disk.

I like having non-n-lited virgin copies as a base to work from as n-lite loads additional files into your OS on install.   Also the disks canot be updated with new SPs or hotfixes, you always have to go back to your original disk and re-n-lite.

Using the Microsoft built-in method you end up with a new XP cd that you can integrate other hotfixes into and there are no non-microsoft files installed during the OS install.



how do you figure that you have to go back to your disk to update it ? the only time it does this is if you take components out of the install disk when n-liting it iv used n-lite on over 60 disks and never had any problem with updating system files ie going from sp2 to sp3. the only time i did was with vlite and vista but that was because the person i got the vista disk from had already vlited it and removed a ton of components so it made it not upgradeable ie pre sp1 to sp1/sp2 the doc isnt telling him to remove compontents hes only telling him to add in sp2/3 into it.



I ran into this a few years ago when I was building a new Intel 965 system. Fortunately, I'd just read about slipstreaming SP2 into my vanilla XP Pro disk in Max PC and wanted to try it out. Not only did the article work perfectly for me, but so did the new XP disk it made.


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