Graphics for Non-Gamers


Graphics for Non-Gamers

Ask the Doctor LogoEven though I have absolutely no interest in computer games, I study Maximum PC for the best information on the best computer components. However, I have not been able to identify graphics cards that are best for graphics-editing applications such as Photoshop. The outstanding gaming graphics cards seem to consume too much power and too many dollars without much benefit for non-gaming applications. Can you recommend a good GPU for non-gaming graphics work?

—Wayne Godsey

Wayne, even if you’re not gaming, many graphics applications can benefit from GPU acceleration. Photoshop CS4, for example, benefits greatly. You won’t need the fastest and the most expensive, but a decent DirectX 10 card with at least 1GB of frame buffer will help you immensely. You can get an Nvidia GT 220, which fits the criteria nicely but won’t draw excessive power, for about $70.

Gamers aren't the only ones who can benefit from modern videocards--photo editors can take advantage of modern GPU computing.


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