Eject! Eject!


Eject! Eject!

Ask the Doctor LogoIs it necessary to eject a USB flash drive, or can I just yank it out? They’re called flash drives, so shouldn’t they be like SWAT teams or something: Get in and get out, job done?

—Jamie Mack

As long as you’re not actually accessing the drive—reading or writing to it—just yanking it out is usually fine. Some of our editors use the Safely Remove Hardware feature in the system tray; others just grab and go. Doctors tend to prefer the safe route—after all, it’s easy to forget a file transfer mid-task and yank out the drive. Hitting Safely Remove Hardware before you go can help save your data in a moment of absentmindedness, if only by throwing up a dialog box before you do something stupid.

The Safely Eject Hardware button is your friend. A little inconvenience can save your data.

SUBMIT YOUR QUESTION Are flames shooting out of the back of your rig? First, grab a fire extinguisher and douse the flames. Once the pyrotechnic display has fizzled, email the doctor at doctor@maximumpc.com for advice on how to solve your technological woes.




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