Boot, Baby, Boot! (Please?)



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Although it doesn't seem to be the problem , it won't hurt to do a thorough disk check.



I would think it is very doubtful that the disk is at fault, if that was the case he would get a more consistant problem but because he is still able to get to his OS with "rock solid" performance when he gets there I would think his disk is just fine.  I do however agree with checking your USB connections, I've had several USB connections over the years stop by boot cold.  I've gone through the same steps that are listed and have had success before.



What I found to be the problem was when my iPod was hooked in through USB and I tried to boot.  Make sure to unplug any periferals other than your keyboard and mouse.  (It shouldn't be a problem with the keyboard, I have a Logitech G15 too and it runs perfectly)



I have the exact same motherboard, by the way. What about removing some RAM sticks? Try one stick at a time in the first RAM slot. 

I wonder if the CMOS battery could cause this? I don't think so personally. You tried removing other USB devices as suggested?



In my experience most POST problems are caused by faulty RAM modules or a failing memory controller on the Mobo. Usually bad RAM, try 1 RAM DIMM in the first slot, if it fires up then use the other DIMM sticks in the same slot to see if one's bad.


Hg Dragon

Only USB devices I have continuously connected are my mouse and keyboard, and the front-panel connectors for my case. The other USB devices I use are my iPod charge cable, an external drive I have my music collection on, and a webcam, all of which stay disconnected until I need them.



Hg Dragon

^^^ This is me. I'm still hanging during the boot process. I finally managed to get the ASUS "Ai" boot logo disabled (after a two hour search for the mobo's manual) and tried a cold boot after the machine was off overnight. It would hang in POST right after recognizing the processor, but before it would recognize the drives or do the RAM check. After the fourth reset, it would boot fine and I wouldn't have another issue until I would shut down and try to restart the next day again. If it's been running, I can restart as many times as I want/need without issue.

 I don't think the PSU is failing per se, but that I'm right at it's capacity to startup correctly until it's "warmed up" for a minute or two. 



It's interesting that it happens right after the CPU check, but before anything else.  You may want to remove you CPU and make sure that it is seated properly, and with no bent pins, or other problems.  Also, if something did happen to get messed up in the BIOS, you will want to reset your CMOS.  Many boards have a reset button.  You may have to physically take out the battery though.  An easier option my to enter the BIOS and use the "Restore to Defaults" feature.
Also, if you're motherboard has an integrated display adapter, try removing your video card and just using the integrated port.  This will help you narrow down the problem.
Finally, a BIOS update may be needed.  Go to the manufacturer’s website and find and install the latest BIOS version.

Hope one of these works.



@Hg Dragon

This happened to me also a few years back and it happened to be a memory ram issue. IF you haven't tried this before, give this a shot:

Try resetting CMOS by removing the battery for about 2-3 minutes and remove all your ram sticks. Then, put the battery back in and try turning on your comp with just one memory stick at a time. I tried this and it turned out that one of my sticks was faulty and was causing my POST problems.

Best of luck



Hg Dragon

I've ran MemTest86+ for three hours straight and it didn't throw a single error. I did have a stick of RAM fail about a year and a half ago (2x512 from
my ex-GF's dad's rig), and ran with only one of the pair for a few
months (512 on Vista? Never again...). Those have been replaced with
new sticks.

I'll give the CMOS reset a shot though.


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