Backing Up My Games



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Alcohol 120% provides Data Position Managment. They also provide a database of all the protections known for games. Well worth it in my opinion. YASU will be able to hide your emulated drives and disguise them as regular ide/sata drives. Some games will have problems running from a backup. Crysis for example, will not run from a backup, no matter what you do. Some have reported that making a mini disk of the game, will work. It is kind of weird to do, but it works.



Even that doesn't work. Most of the time you need to find a patched executable that removes the securom protection from the game.

both sites where you can find them. 



If this is breaking the law or so the "doctor" says, then you telling someone ona  public forum to do this and that to hide/remove SecuROM and SafeDisk etc. I would be kind of closed-minded about this because people get in trouble all the time for this stupid stuff, thats just me.

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