Ask the Doctor: Windows 7 vs. iTunes



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i personaly havent been having any sync issues, maybe its because im on the RC ?

or perhaps because i have the iphone and not the ipod.

but if you are on the Beta the RC might fix that problem for you.



I just install the latest iTunes in my Win 7 RC on to find that it sync with no problems at all. I'm using a Ipod Touch gen2 with the 3.0 software so maybe that makes a diffence but aleast I can say Touch user should be ok as long as they use the RC



Same thing happened to me with 64-bit Win7. Unfortunately, I installed it on my laptop the day before leaving town for two weeks, and forgot to test it. Halfway through the trip, I tried changing music and it completely borked my iPod.

Fortunately, I managed to get the thing into "disk use" mode using the method documented here...

After that, I wiped out the existing data and used Winamp to load it back up.


Apple obviously has some bug fixing to do before Win7 release. Hopefully sooner.





I've found that, considering how, with Windows 7, we get a very nicely revamped (actually usable) Windows Media Player, _that_ is the best choice for loading music onto my iPod.

DOPISP is a well-priced plug-in works seamlessly with Windows Media Player.  No need for an extra program (or several, as an iTunes install comes with)(especially one as bulky as iTunes).



I had this problem too with my 5G? 30GB IPod.  (the slightly older model)  After many hours of frustration, I gave up and found that I can sync my 3G iphone without any problems.  I figure I can just use that to listen to the Maximum PC podcast till apple makes a fix. 



Because iTunes would immediately disconnect the iPod, you need to set up a bunch of stuff to sync when connected.  Enough to take a couple of minutes to sync.

Plug in your iPod.

As it is synching all the stuff you already set up, go to your iPod and check enable disk use and apply.

After it is done, go into your iTunes pref/devices and check disable automatic syncing.


The key is to get a bunch of stuff ready for it to sync- it won't disconnect the iPod until it's done that. That gives you time to get the enable disk use box checked and apply. It took me a while to get all this working, but now I have no more problems.


Hope it helps you.



It seems that when you plug the device in it can reconize it and allow data to move back and forth, but after that initial connection it has troulbe finding the ipod again.  That means that in order to change what you have on there you need to alter it while its synching, or give it something to push through the initial connection.

I've found that by setting up ipod only playlists in itunes and moving the music I want on and off the playlists before connecting I can get everything setup ahead of time and then let it synch up.  In order to pull this off I actually had to reset my ipod back to factory settings and let it try and synch my entire library to get the time I needed to get this done, which is a real pain, but within that window I quickly changed it to force itunes to only upload new podcasts and the playlists I selected and after that it works quite nicely if you want to use itunes to manage your stuff.

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