Ask the Doctor: Windex Worries



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Drunken Hero

Were there really that many comments on what the proper alcohol mixture for cleaning a screen was?  None helped that guy out.  How about throwing a website his way where he could order the replacement screen?  All this reading about alcohol's got me thirsty...

Drunken Hero



After cleaning the screen, you can use the left over alcohol to drink with your dinner.  Just don't get high



Isn't ethyl 90% better for this type of use?



Alcohol based? Hrm, I have always heard that you should stay away from anything alcohol based when it comes to an LCD or Plasma, especially with glossy screens. The alcohol can slowly (sometimes quickly depending on the quality of the display) eat away at the screen.

*Edit* Yeah, there are other articles out there saying to use alcohol but why bother to risk it long term if you can do the same thing with just water?

Personally, I would rather not find out either way. I just stick with a microfiber cloth and purified water. Even in certain lighting you can see that there is no evidence of even microscratches when you stick to those two things.



but wouldn't a 50-50 mix, by definition, be half and half?  Not 70/30.

Typically, I'm not nit-picky.  But when giving instructions, clarity is key.



if someone can't figure out that 50-50 is half and half they probably shouldn't be allowed to by the alcohol in the first place.



You buy alcohol from the store in a bottle, premixed at 70% (it's a standard amount).  You then take the liquid from that bottle, and mix it 50/50 with water (add identical amounts of water and the "pre-mixed" alcohol).

Make sense now?



oh snap.

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