Ask the Doctor: Whither Minesweeper?



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I have been using it since it first came out and had not one problem ever.  My girlfriend had to double boot XP to use GIS software, which is so developmentally retarded it's not funny, but both Home and 64 bit pro have worked very well for me.  My laptop only had 1 gig of memory (Toshiba Core 2 bargain model machine I bought to take to rural Alaska bush villages for research work) and it worked fine, I did upgrade to two gigs last year to see what difference 40 bucks would make and it wasn't much.  My new home box has a phenom black and 8 gigs of memory running vista 64 and the only problem I've had was running a ten dollar copy of Far Cry, which simply won't install which seems to be a Crytek issue and not a vista issue.



I agree, Vista has improved by leaps and bounds. I just updated from XP and it's not as bad as I thought. I still can't wait for W7 to come out. It will be a breather for everyone.

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