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wow, i didn't know you cared...

long story short, i replaced the laptop.  i tried most of the recommended solutions, and nothing worked.

in the end, it was all for nought. not too long after they sent me the new (T60) laptop, i had to return it as i was laid off.

obtw, the reason i tried to fix it myself instead of letting corporate have it is a) i'm getting paid to be the geek, and, in point of fact, i usually know more than the helpdesk...  i'm sure you are all familiar with that experience.  and b) if i can fix it, i don't have to wait for corporate.

 re SP3, did you catch that part about the corporate image?  if i was willing to blow off the corporate image, i would just go ahead and do a complete reinstall and avoid all the mess.   FYI, on my personal box, it's SP3.

but, thanks for all your help, and interest.  




XP SP2 ??!!


service pack 3 service pack 3 service pack 3 service pack 3 service pack 3 service pack 3 service pack 3 service pack 3 service pack 3 service pack 3 service pack 3 service pack 3 service pack 3 service pack 3 service pack 3 service pack 3 service pack 3 service pack 3 service pack 3 service pack 3 service pack 3 service pack 3



Notify your Corporation that you will mail the Laptop (if necessary) with a few USB devices that do not work to your IT dept (At Company Expense) and inform them that they should restore an XP image to the laptop and get the USB Devices to work before shipping the computer back to you (At Company Expense) along with your USB Devices.

If they do get it to work correctly, have a working backup of your OS made (Preferrably at Company Expense) and Never again try to take personal responsibility for a Corporate IT Problem!

This of course assumes that the USB Devices work fine in another computer!

Whatever happens, just make sure that this is a Company Problem, Not YOUR Problem!



Please let me know if the above post helps your cause or gets you a pink slip.


Inquiring minds want to know!



Wow... someone sure has a generous IT department.  Why not ask for a foot rub while you're at it?



Are you sure the corporate image does not have an encryption tool which locks out USB devices?

IT departments have been disabling the use of USB devices on corporate assets to prevent theft and malware/virus threats.

Some software encryption software typically asked to reformat any device that gets attached, others can lock up the machine. You may want to confirm with your IT deparment if any such software is installed on the corporate image. It doesn't matter if you have Admin access either as the image would be protected with a password issued by the image creator. Some IT deparments even protect the Bios with a password to prevent a user from changing the boot device.

Since everything works when you add a PCMCIA adapter it leads me to believe they locked your onboard USB ports.

I've run into the same issue and have no problems when adding a PCMCIA adapter as well



that was my first thought: it's set up to prevent data theft by preventing any USB data usage.

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