Ask the Doctor: Rolling Back IE7



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I just use Windows Media Center in Windows 7 to stream to my Xbox360 Windows 7 Rocks

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IE plugins/add-ons can cause slow browsing. I figured out recently that Spybot's SDHelper plugin for IE would cause IE7 to load pages really slow, but in IE6 it was fine.

To determine if a plugin is causing the problem you can run IE7 with no add-ons. The shortcut to do that is at Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Internet Explorer (No Add-ons). If IE7 works better with no add-ons you can try to determine which add-on is at fault by going to Tools->Manage Add-ons->Enable or Disable Add-ons.... Use that tool to disable add-ons until you determine which add-on is at fault.



download and install TCPOptimizer. Review what it shows your current settings to be, then set it to optimize. Review the changes (if there are any). If the changes are significant, that might have translated to poor results with IE7.



When the previous poster asked why he did not see an increase in speed with going 5 to 10, I also am curious.  I understand that 7 can be slower than 6, and that makes sense.  However, the way the post was written, it implies that 7 and 6 were comparable before the upgrade, now 6 blows 7 away.  Even if 7 does have more delays, there still should have been some increase in speed going from 5m to 10.. 



IMO IE6 was a very crappy web browser.  Full of holes that allowed malicious attacks.  IE7 is much better, but I would still recommend using browsers like Opera or Firefox, or even Google Chrome.  Don't give your computer the risk of being infected by a virus using IE6.



Using internet explorer and you are a reader of this magazine is VERY hard to believe.


Use firefox.


Brett Schealler

forgive me is this is a newbie response, but perhaps most web pages cant serve any faster?


I Jedi

Servers serve content to users at different speeds based on that's servers Internet connectivity at the time. So, just because say you have a 10MBPS connection, you might not get a faster connection to a site because of their server not being able to deliver the content fast enough to you. Works both ways. If one is shittier than the other, it'll affect both.



I know the question was IE6 vs IE7 and I don't doubt that webpages may have loaded faster in IE6 but it still doesn't really explain why he didn't get more speed by getting a faster connection.


I Jedi

The more crude you have loaded onto a web broswer, the slower it'll be, I think.



IE 7 takes longer than IE 6 because the rendering engine in IE 7 is more complex, and therefore slower.  The pages serve at the same speed.

I use IE 7 at work because that's the DOD standard, and I use IE 8 beta and firefox at home.



I am in the same boat. I have to constantly write IE hacks to make it look good in the two main browsers (IE7 and Firefox) It's a pain in the ass too. Nothin works in both, ever when it comes to CSS files. Honestly, I think Firefox should instantly become the new standard (installed on Windows 7) And instead of making a crappy browser (Because IE8 sucks more than 7) they should concentrate on more important things.



gotta love millitary internet and all of it's wonderfulness ;)

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