Ask the Doctor: Reclaiming SATA Ports



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I agree with Max. PC's methode.  I've got the P5K deluxe running with a 9800GTX, three drives in RAID 5 and SATA DVD burner.  If you REALLY want to use those two extra ports, you can get two right angled SATA cables, and two left angle SATA cables and loop the other two back and out from under the video card.  I would stick to the 4 intel SATA ports and stay away from the Jmicron ports.



I mean, I don't use the ones that are blocked, but I would appreciate some coordination on both parts of ASUS and nVidia... or ATi (I have an nVidia GTX 260 maXcore from BFG Tech), because what if I did want a 6 drive array? Its like getting a christmas present and having it taken away from you. I get 6 Sata Ports :O! But I can only reach 3 of them... yay...



The problem is that the video cards really only have one direction to expand in, lengthwise. The problem has been addressed in newer motherboards by mounting the sata ports at a 90 degree angle.



I was thinking of moving onto Socket AM3, so new mobo and new proc, and new ram if it supports DDR3. It'd be nice, because my clunker of a GTX  260 is a honkin' mother, and the bezels on my Antec 900 leave next to no room between the card and the drive.



And by some cards moving the power connectors to the side instead of rear. Those cables really eat up space.

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