Ask the Doctor: RAM Timing Again



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Hey Doc! You told him to ensure that SLI Memory was disabled in the BIOS, but he already told you that it does not show up in his BIOS Advanced Settings. 

He said: "but there is no listing for enabling SLI memory"

You Said: "and make sure that SLI memory is disabled"




You shoulda just went with an AMD system. Wouldn't have had that problem and prolly saved quite a few bucks in the process.



The problem with an AMD system is the fact that AMDs fastest processor still isnt as fast a Q9650.  I went thru a similar delemna about 6 months ago.  I have an Asus X48 mobo and had to make a choice between buying an i7, a Phenom2 or just dropping in a Q9650.  I chose the Q9650 as it was an easy upgrade and still faster than a Phenom2 and cheaper than an i7.

The Doc has the correct answer though.  790i mobos are picky about memory.  I would check and make sure your ram is approved to be used on this mobo.  Dumbing/slowing down the ram is a good start.  I would also try booting the machine with only a single stick of ram in it.  I would avoid doing anything RAID for the time being until you get the machine working correctly.  

Unfortunately this may not work and you will need to either get different RAM or a different mobo.  Personnaly I hate the 6XX/7XX series of mobos.  I have had 1 of each and both sucked.  The 680i corrupted my HDs when I overclocked and the 780 was not a good over clocker.  I had to drop one of my 8800 GTXs when I went to the X48 but at least it worked and will OC the Q9650 to 4ghz with ease.  Made the switch to a pair of 4870s and honestly it will take a hell of a product before I buy Nvidia again.  If you only plan on running 1 video card I would look at a P45 that takes DDR3 and have something stable and fast.  Nvidia to stick with making video cards, not designing crappy chipsets.

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