Ask the Doctor: Pluggin' the Analog Hole



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How about using an mp3 player with recording capability  and a m-m stereo cord and click record when playing?  Quality won't be as good but it's there.

 Also, why not just keep your old PC for this purpose?  If not, just look on craigslist and find some cheap old system with XP on.



I can vouch that it's not Vista blocking the loopback recording.  I've had to go through the very painful experience of converting my own Webex recordings from their proprietary format back to a standard avi format (The newer Webex supplied .wmv conversion tools produce garbage, or fail completely). 

After a lot of research, it appears that this capability is disabled on purpose.  If you subscribe to conspiracy theories, RIAA/MPAA has asked computer manufacturers to disable this feature.  (Lenovo does this, among others).  Enforcement used to be purely done by customized drivers (hackable), but on some notebooks it's also disabled in hardware (hacked drivers=blue screen).

There is a software solution, but you need to ensure that computer isn't disturbed by other I/O demands.  If disturbed you will get pops and skips.  VMWare isn't real-time enough to keep up for extended periods.

 It's also not free, but Virtual Audio Cable does simulate a sound card enabling you to connect a "virtual" cable between the real sound card's output channel and the virtual card's input.  It's a bit confusing to setup, but the trial mode is sufficient to prove it's functioning.

To my knowledge, Sound Blaster cards all still have this capability enabled.  One of the few compelling reasons to consider an addon sound card over the built-in ones.







Why not use limewire?

Or go to listen to free music. And if u use Download Helper extention in firefox, u can download the songs that are playing on a website.



I have been using Total Recorder for years now.  Works on Vista no problem.  Basically, if you can hear it through your speakers, you can record it, in whatever format your heart desires, providing you have the codec.

It is not a free program, but it is cheap and you get free upgrades forever.




At least with my Creative X-fi Fatal1ty soundcard, I can record fine in Vista 32 bit from the creative "what u hear" source with Audacity for any sound played through the speaker outputs, which includes internet music.  I suspect the same goes for most other 3rd party soundcards as well.  As an alternative to getting a soundcard, just putting a 3.5mm male-male headphone cable from the headphone port to the microphone port should work fine.

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