Ask the Doctor: The Neverending Memtest



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What is the difference between Memtest86+ (2.11)and Memtest86 (3.5)?  I have seen them both recommended by MPC.






If your memory goes AOK through the 2 or 3 first loops, your memory is fine.

If your memory is not OK, it will probably fail at the 1st loop.

No need to run memtest ad eternam.

Particular cases: I have a mobo with 2 GB of memory. Fine. I upgraded to 4 GB. Not fine. However, replacing the "old" 2 GB with the new ones and running with these only is fine. Conclusion: the 4GB of memory are fine. This is the motherboard that does not behave fine with 4 GB. BIOS update did not fix the issue. I know the PSU is OK. I still have one more test to do: pushing a little bit the voltage.




think it might be possible that that board doesnt support 4 gigs? i know in this day and age just about every board should but alot dont and they max out at like 2-3 gigs



Manual says:

• Four 240-pin, DDR2 1.8 V SDRAM Dual Inline Memory Module
(DIMM) sockets
• 800/667 MHz single or dual channel DDR2 SDRAM interface
• Support for up to 8 GB of system memory

4 DIMMs 1GB OCZ Platinum rev2 PC2 6400 4-4-4-15

There is a thread on TigerDirect where several people says the issue is that the board is rated for 1.8v memory while the OCZ is rated 1.9v to 2.1v. One person says that downgrading the FSB to 667MHz solved his issue (because obivously on this Intel board, you can't change the voltage).

I'm still checking...

UPDATE: yep, downgrading to 667MHz solved the problem.

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