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I would have recommended building or buying a separate SFF system. You can get a number of cases that are very diminutive, or you can possibly go with something as small as a NUC, if you can use a USB Modem and if XP works with it. Putting two systems in such an expensive case seems like overkill for this solution. Personally, I'd put the XP in a 1U in the rack and use remote desktop to do my business. It's like having XP installed in a window on your desktop without the CPU consumption of the VM.



Wouldn't a dual booting a system with Win XP & Win 7 be easier, and considerably cheaper, for Cassandra?



He has to run them at the same time. I would personally just use a netbook or something to get the job done. Also... I'd stay away from Azza products, I have one of their latest cases and pieces keep breaking of on it... Very cheap build.



No matter anyone's opinion on Windows 7 vs Windows 8, Microsoft's web site clearly states that for Windows 7 mainstream support is to end on January 13, 2015, extended support January 2020. The scheduled end of mainstream support for Windows 8 on the same web page states January 9, 2018, with extended ending in January 2023. XP goes to its coffin in less than ten months.

Dates could be adjusted, but building new, I have to look at mainstream support and go with the Win 8 2018 date. I would not have made that statement if the players were Vista and XP. Vista sucks. Windows 8 is fine with me. I just made shortcuts to everything I use on the functional desktop and blow right past metro. No big deal.



On the bright side the start button is mostly back!



@Water-Cooling the HAF - Lue

You can purchase a Corsair H90. It's 140mm so it should fit just fine.

I have a HAF XB and had to slightly mod the back of the front panel to get a Push/Pull setup with the Corsair H110, but I got it to fit nicely. A little modding goes a long way :)

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