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TechNote DetailsLast Update: 10-14-2008
ID: tn_19166
OS: Windows
Database: All
Browser: All        look this the subinacl was the solution for me after a lot of errors messages from explorer ,firefox...



On a related note, I found Firefox 3.0.5 unstable.

My work computer and a home computer, both running Widows XP, had issues with 3.0.5 crashing at random time on random web pages. I tried a lot of things including shutting off all my plug-in and reinstalling Windows on my home machine, but nothing worked until I backed off to verion 3.0.4. I've only had Firefox crash once since then.

 3.0.5 runs fine on my Vista 64 machine.



 Ditto on the flash......upgrade your flash player and or plugin



Hi,y got the same prob last day the prob is Adobe flash player 10,a patch can be find ,if you use Vista chek the error reports and solutions,it work for me it must work for you too....PS:sorry for my bad english my primary langage is french.



I've had the same problem. I run Vista 64 premium. Has anyone else confirmed that it's the Adove flash player 10 patch? My error reports did not find any solution to this problem... BTW, mein Fuhrer, if a patch for Firefox and other programs are not playing nice together - then it is a Firefox et. al. problem... Thanks


Keith E. Whisman

Why is everyone so afraid to recommend usning Windows System Restore? Believe it or not an I don't care if you don't believe me that using System Restore has fixed lots of problems for me over the years. It's not a myracle worker but it's worth a try. I mean if your install is nuked sometimes it can be reversed with System Restore. Try It. If it doesn't work you can come back and say that didn't work. If it does work then there you are.



@ editor of the article...

"Your problem doesn’t seem to be related to Firefox itself"

then change the title name of this article ! at first it shows as if FireFox is getting buggy! and that is not true, even you mentioned it is not true.

While this might be nothing to some it's impact shouldn't be taken lightly.



Or for the less passionate of us, it could just be the title of the dude that wrote the e-mail to MaxPC.


I Jedi

I don't think there is a need to be a Nazi about a heading and all. Of course, the heading can be a bit misleading, I can understand. However, the article itself does tie into the heading, too, so I'm not quite getting why it's such a big deal as to make your keyboard stress under the weight of your fingers crunching down on the individual keys over an article's heading? If given the choice, what would you have made the article's titled to? I can't really think of any good replacement for the article. Perhaps you may have liked it more with Firefox/IE 8 Blues? 

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