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but just in case anyone else is reading old articles.

 1. changing to water cooled from air cooled, will not change the amount you are "heating up" your room. In fact, it will probably heat up your room even more being that water cooling is more efficient.

 2. If your really concerned about pressure loss due to friction in your piping, there are equations you solve for pressure loss in piping due to friction. You will also have to include an "equivalent pipe lengths" calculation for all of the bends, elbows, and heat sinks, and any other pieces that are not straight pieces of tubing. Then you can calculate fairly accurately the pressure loss in your system. The reason MPC is not seeing any appreciable difference in various settings is because their system is way overkill. The velocity of the liquid in the system is important (ie. gpm), but they are so much above the optimal setting that it is not having an impact on their system. However, as you are concerned, Im sure if you go down to the 1/4" or 3/8" tubing with several parts being cooled, you could see performance loss in your cooling.

 Here is a good website, with further explanations on how to do you pressure loss calculation:

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