Ask the Doctor: Everything is Broken



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While I agree with memtest being a good place to start to test memory.   I have found that you cannot rely on this 100%.  I built a new pc last year, and had a bad memory chip right out of the box.  Ran memtest for a couple of days and no failures.  I then pulled the memory and put it back in one at a time and was able to isolate the bad chip.  Most memory also has a lifetime warranty on it as well, so this could be a great place to start troubleshooting hang up issues like this.



Remember, don't take life too seriously.  You won't make it out alive anyways.



Last time I had this type of problem I gave up.

Of course, an ASUS P2B dying in 2005 was pretty much fair to me. I still keep the Slot One PII as I believe it was quite a stylish package.


Drunken Hero

I had to deal with this on more than one occasion.  Power surge from a storm lately?  The problem I encountered was blown capacitors on the motherboard, you may want to give them a close look.  If that's not the case, connect a known good power supply and give that a shot.  Like the Doc said, always check for loose cables first.  Hope this helps mate.  Cheers!

Drunken Hero



I have seen more blown caps in the last couple months too.  I get them all the time in my shop with freeze ups in Winodws, unexplainable corruption of data, and freeze ups OUTSIDE of windows (in Quickteck testing software, in the boot-up screens, etc..).  Look at the capacitors all over the mainboard and check the way the metal is crossed on top.  Look for brown or white crusty material leaking out of them or even "almost popped" ones too.  I also had this problem with a "certain-brand board" which are in the forums of it's support pages that out of no where it starts to act up about 15 to 20 months after first use. We have since quit using that brand board. BTW, there is nothing bad showing on the board either. So go to your support pages of that board and check there too!!



There is also the possibility the the hard drive is starting to go. Most of the manufacturers have diagnostic software that can be downloaded from their website. Get a copy and run it. I've had drives fail the diagnostics that didn't set off S.M.A.R.T.

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