Ask the Doctor: Can't See, Cap'n!



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 Maybe a bigger PSU could help a little.


 In the hands of a master, any object can become a field improvised, lethal weapon.



But, I mean, that sounds like the computer i had 6 years ago... 9200 and all. Things aren't too expensive these days,e specially something that can push past that little tike you've got there. Heck, a Core i7 920, with a nice EVGA X58 Motherboard, 6GB's of DDR3 RAM, a 1TB Hard Drive, and a PSU, for 779.99 Canadian... just need a graphics card, and preferrably not the ATi 9 series ;)



If your working on a budget or just building a machine for surfing the net you could probably built this entire computer for the price of an i7 cpu. Not every situation calls for a ferrari.

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