Ask the Doctor: Boot XP from USB



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Okay I followed the instructions from the link and now I have a bootable CD...

Now how do I fit this CD into the USB port.  Ones round and flat, the other is kinda square and short.  I... just... don't understand! 



I think these are the steps they forgot to include: 



ya thats pretty lame, i saw this story and was like oh sweet ACTUAL instructions...sigh...real smooth maxPC...



Batch File to Automate Broadband clients

Have been reading here for some updates:



To load up a system and recover data we use Winternals alot for XP. It mounts itself on your exsisting XP that's loaded on the HDD then allows you to repair registry and recover deleted or damadged/lost data on your drives. There are plenty of free programs out there that do this already. Most of witch fit onto a normal CD and don't require even a GIG. I cannot link anything for you but I sure if you goodle ERD or look for a few linux apps you should come out with a good boot disk that will recover what ever you need for what ever you;ve done to your machine on the software side. We run PC Check to test the hardware side of the house. It's not that hard to find anything you need... most of it is good open source stuff that people have made for themselves and posted for free.

All in all it's just time really. I would suggest a fresh install and then ghost it or make a good image to bring your computer back to where you had perfect. Keep a good external of all your important downloads and drivers so you can recover alot easier. Having a back up of the back up may sound crazy but it's alway good to have redundancy.

 If any of this still didn't sink in and you still want to put XP on your usb drive then google it... I'm sure theres plenty og people out there trying to do the same thing.

~No one said it would be easy....they just said it was worth it...~



you guys should post thorough instructions on the PE Builder thing. i googled instructions but it was way too hard. thanks

That's Right. YOU GOT PoWNeD! (not)

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"The Doctor" generally just answers questions to get people going the right direction. What did you except, he would make bootable XP thumb drives and mail them to anyone who wants one?

Did you even click the link posted? There are 8 steps, that doesn't sound too hard. It is actually really easy, and can be done on a CD as well for systems that can't boot USB.

Good answer doctor.


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