Ask the Doctor: A Two-PSU Kind of Day



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I had lighting zap one of my computers and it fried the motherboard. Everything else worked fine, including the powersupply. Check to see if all of the components are installed correctly like the video card into the expantion slot.   Also, check the spec's on the two different P/S and look to see if they are compatiable or there is enough power on the rails for your configuration.  LOL 240V switch on.  :)




I have seen bad hard drives and bad or incorrectly installed RAM cause similar problems.

Disconnect all of the peripherals (DVD/Hard drives/etc..) from the motherboard and PSU and see if it will POST.

If it does not then try one stick of RAM & ensure it is seated correctly. Reset the CMOS.

If it starts then turn it off and attached one device (DVD/Hard Drive/etc..) at a time & try to start it. 



I saw this exact same behavior years ago when building a machine.  It turned out that the switch was flipped to 230V mode on the power supply.  The fans and some LEDs would come on, but no POST or video.  After much hair pulling I noticed the switch on the wrong setting, flipped it, and the machine booted right up.

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