Ask the Doctor: 660 SLI or 680 Single Card? Dual-Booting Windows 7/8, and More



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So hows this for 3930K temps?

According to CoreTemp

idle - max
____ ______
0 26C 48C
1 25C 50C
2 27C 49C
3 26C 51C
4 26C 50C
5 31C 56C

The sixth core temp difference fine???
Cooled by Corsair H100 with Dual Excalibur Fans and ANTEC Formula 7.




MakeMKV is free in beta (which it's been in forever), and rips DVD's and BluRay's to a FOSS format. Handbreak then can encode them to what ever spec you want.



I agree with this person. MakeMKV is my preferred choice and I've tried a lot of these.

-Small download 6MB
-Makes DVD quality rips with just a single click.
-Rips Bluray too

-Costs $60 for a registration key

They don't do a good job of making the Beta keys easy to find. I'm not sure if you still need a Beta Key after you install, or if it counts down a 30 trial. If you do need a key, this ones good till the end of May:




There's no point in dual booting 7 and 8. Windows 8 + Start8 is an improved 7 in the end.

Shouldn't recommend a 680 too, a 670 is only 5% slower, and it saves you 100 bucks.



I have three GTX 680 FTW+ in SLI and have no complaints. I just wish that all games would support SLI in some capacity. I can run anything at maximum settings but some games still drop framerate. Really wish i could find some very solid SLI profiles.



All those who say a Single GPU is better than Multiple GPUs are correct. I rather have 1 Powerful GPU than 2 weak ones in SLI/Crossfire. & thanks to the need for Profiles, your game may not take advantage of dual GPUs.

Also, you can Improve Windows 8 by Upgrading to Windows 7.



I avoid the headache of 2 cards entirely and purchased a single mid/high range fast card for all my gaming needs. (Radeon HD 6950)Plays anything on high smooth as butter with no frame drops at all... at least on the titles I've played so far such as Metro, Bioshock, Rage etc...



I'm almost in the same boat, I have a large Bluray collection that I'm trying to back up to a few external hard drives. Everything is going well except for when one of my disks have the Cinavia protection on it. This isn't a question about how to get past it, but I just wanted to point out that sometimes you just can't back up anymore using the tools mentioned here without getting stuck with a disk/copy that won't play back without issues. Some DVDs are starting to come with this on it as well so it's worth mentioning / warning about.



Cinavia can be circumvented by using a FOSS device for playback, such as xbmc or similar media center. It requires license fees to implement so it's a safe bet that no FOSS software will ever implement it.

Coincidentally, you should consider filing a lawsuit against any company that prevents you from taking a Fair Use Backup of an original disk media.



Re: two GTX 660s?

I agree. Single card always trumps multiple ones of equal cost. They might be ever so slightly faster, but then you have the headaches of SLI: more noise, heat, power, space, and some games might not even use SLI that well.

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