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xi roh

Great Mag! keep up the good work!



I know of no SATA 6Gbps controller that doesn't have a 32-bit XP driver.

I know of no USB3 controller that does.

Also, MS XP support ends in 13 months. Hard to recommend XP for anyone unless it WILL NOT be connected to the Internet or on a network without a hardware firewall and the XP PC will be blocked from accessing the Internet.

Hard to see why anyone would want XP with its present limitations on a modern PC no matter how nice XP was. What would be the point of investing in a modern PC--just a replacement? And there are templates out there to make Win7 more XP like. [Just as there are apps to make Win8 more Win7 like.]

Most 32-bit apps will run fine on 64-bit Win7 ... and the Pro version can be bought to ensure (as noted) XP Mode is available if that is a problem (or virtualize a copy of XP which is a better solution anyway) for something (though as noted doesn't always work).


Bullwinkle J Moose

Pretty much any motherboard without uefi bios has XP drivers if USB3 is onboard

Some of the UEFI boards even have XP drivers

Did you even look for USB3 drivers?

A simple Google search for "XP USB3 DRIVER" will find tons of them



This should be called "Ask the Marketing Specialist"



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So are you guys the ones who've been doing the Twitter hacking? Perhaps McDonalds paid you all that money to do that?



Good read guys.



The Internet is rife with performance/graphics enhancement techniques (eg:quadrupling texture resolution potential). Seeing this article, I wonder: what enhancements did MaximumPC use when reviewing Borderlands 2?



Longtime fan of the magazine, and the website and the podcast. Just wanted to chime in about these Mac fanboi trolls. I know should just ignore instead of feeding them, but I think I prefer the Chinese spammers to the garbage they spew. At least the spammers are hustling to make a Buck.

But this... I mean simply affirms the old adage, "better to be thought a fool than to speak and leave no doubt."

Please, continue shooting yourselves in the foot. Its worth a few lolz.



I can't believe someone asked if they should upgrade from XP to Win7 recently. It was a valid question 3 years ago. Also a valid question if asked about going from Win7 to Win8. But really, XP to Win7? No brainer.



What I find surprising is that people here have never heard of XP compatibility mode...


Bullwinkle J Moose

What I find surprising is that some people here have never heard of the many XP programs that simply will not run in compatability mode


Bullwinkle J Moose

It is still a valid question due to software compatibility

Vista, 7 and 8 all run the same software which includes several programs that are not compatible with XP

XP also runs several programs that are not compatible with Vista, 7 or 8

It's the same reason XP still has 43% market share on Corporate desktops

It's the same reason I keep an XP virtual machine on a Windows 8, "Windows 2 Go" USB Boot drive

It's nice to have a copy of XP for compatibility that can also be run from a USB Boot Drive without any tweaks

Need better security?

Fine, just use Windows 8 or 7

Who cares about XP security if it's never connected to the Internet anyway?

Only a real expert knows how to secure XP for Internet use ....




My thoughts exactly, with one difference.

Even 3 years ago, WinXP vs Win7 was a no-brainer. Before that, WinXP vs Vista was a valid question, with XP being the answer despite being older. It simply worked better and had fewer annoyances.

Now that the valid question is Win7 vs Win8, the answer is still the older OS. Win7 generally works much better than Win8 and doesn't suffer from the twin annoyances of the MoronUI (formerly called Metro) and WinRT (short for Re-Tarred).

I dual-booted Win7 and Win8 when Win8 was first released and ran them on alternate days to compare them. There were only a few minor features of Win8 (e.g. native ISO mounting) that I liked better than Win7 but the annoyances of MoronUI and WinRT were enough for me to drop it after a couple of weeks.

I realized that Win8 was made for touchscreen devices and that running it on a real computer with a 55" non-touchscreen display wasn't the best way to judge it. When I recently replaced my stolen Zenbook with a dual-screen Asus TaiChi, I had the chance to try Win8pro in a touchscreen environment.

Of course I used Classic Shell to bring back the Start Button and make the desktop default, while retaining the ability to switch to MoronUI with a simple swipe and tap.

Final outcome? I still hate MoronUI and WinRT. They're almost as annoying as iOS and Android. I don't want to have to go to some goofy internet-based Program Store to install software. I want to be able to install and run traditional i86 apps from whatever media I choose. I want to be able to multitask in multiple open windows.

Using the "Windows" (plural) name for a single-visible-window OS is a misnomer bordering on false advertising.

Android and iOS are crappy because they are designed to run on crappy ARM CPUs. It's absolutely ludicrous to build an OS to run on superior i86 CPUs and then bring it down to the crappiness level of some chintzy ARM OS.

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