8GB of RAM is Too Much?



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If you are installing 64 bit Vista from a disc that does not have at least SP 1 that would be the problem. SP1 fixed an issue where having 4 gigs during install would fail. The solution is exactly as the doctor said. Remove all but 2 gigs, install vista, and then install the rest of the ram.



I had the same issue with my motherboard.  You're board may have compatiblity issues with "certain types of RAM" as mine did.  ASUS released a BIOS update that fix that issue.  You might want to check for a BIOS update for yours as well.



Paul, if that isn't it, are you using an OEM version of Vista 64bit? If so I ran into the same issue with an Asus mobo. You'll most likely need to update the BIOS via. a CD/DVD, USB key or floppy, whichever you prefer. This is where I figured it out: http://www.vistax64.com/general-discussion/238601-vista-64-bit-4-gig-ram-issue.html

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