64-bit Wireless Adapters?



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I find this very suprising, since any adapter that has the 'Certified for Vista' sticker has to have 64bit drivers. 

Meh. I must say, however, that the wireless adapter built into my P5B Deluxe wifi/ap has worked fine through XP32bit, Vista 32bit, Vista 64bit and now Windows 7 64bit. 



I have a Dlink wireless G WDA-2320 PCI card and it works with no problems in Win7 64-bit build 7100.



I think maybe MaximumPC should do some product testing on this.  Let us know what's gonna be compatible with windows 7.



An easy way to tell if a wirelss card will work with vista 64 bit is by going to the manufacturers website and seeing if they have 64 bit vista drivers available.

If they DON'T have vista 64 bit drivers you could always get XP 64 bit drivers. (they do work - although you may have to manualy install the drivers by going into device manager)

I have a webcam that the manufactuer says "is not compatible with vista 64 bit" yet i've been using the XP 64 bit drivers for over 2 years now with no problems.



I started using a USB Adapter when i tried 64-bit..I now use 32-bit but I havent looked back on my adapter


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I have the Rosewill RNX-N1 it works well with Vista 64. It is however a USB adapter. Is there a reason why you won't go for something like that rather than PCI?



Check out the Rosewill RNX-N300 on Newegg. I have been using it w/ Windows 7 64 bit, and it is supposed to work well w/ Vista 64 too. Only $20 shipped.

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