Antec P150

Antec P150

Antec_P150.jpgHot on the heels of the super-quiet P180 comes its little baby brother, the P150. Although we’re not big fans of the all-white iMac aesthetic, we dig that this case is near-silent and brimming with cool new features.

The P150 is a “quiet” case, thanks to several features designed to shut a PC’s pie hole. The case has just one 12cm exhaust fan—an adjustable Antec TriCool that you manually set to one of three speeds. It also includes two different ways to mount your hard drives. You can either mount drives on slide out bays that use thick silicone grommets, or—get this—remove the bays entirely and suspend the hard drives between thick rubber bands. The drives we mounted between said bands stayed in place and were totally silent—no clicks whatsoever.

The top two optical drive slots have spring-loaded covers that pop open when you eject the drive tray, but the flaps get stuck on the tray when it’s retracting. The flaps are also flimsy; we inadvertently broke one just taking the case out of the box.
We love that Antec includes hooks to use as cable runs, on the backside of the 3.5-inch drive cage, but less-flimsy clamps would have been preferable.

Our only other complaint is with the P150’s diminutive size. The motherboard edges are flush with the 3.5-inch drive cages, and the interior is quite cramped. Still, we love the included 430W silent PSU, and the P150’s quiet operation.

Month Reviewed: February 2006

+ White Case: Silent; slick hard drive cages; solid build.

-White Phosphorous: Cramped; li'l pricey; wonky optical-drive covers.

Verdict: 8




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