Antec Kühler H2O 620 Review



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I would like to see AMD benchmarks as well. Not everyone is an Intel Zombie or are you becoming MaximumIntelPC?



Ok I been off the track for awhile but isn't this Maximum PC? What happened to the Maximum? If you want to really see how well this sucker and the others cool..then get an I7-920..clock that bad boy to 4.2GHz and then lets see who wins..this overclock to 3.2GHz is a joke..I want to see the maximum not the "minimum"..a 2.4Ghz to 3.2GHz is a no brainer..



Is Intel the NVidia of the CPU world? I have an AMD x4 840 that idles at 22C and never eclipses 55 under load... with the H50. Even overclocked the numbers weren't near what that i5 appears to be putting out with your test machine.  Both processors are 95-watt so it's not an issue of TDP.  Maybe you should mention what the ambient room temperature was during testing?



At the end of the day, the contained liquid-cooled solutions are not as effective as even mid-range air-cooling solutions.

Megahalems style towers can beat it by multiple degrees in idle or load, with a methodology that is fail-proof! Even if both fans die, the heat sink is still a heat sink, however if the pump dies in the liquid cooling solution you've literally got a heater-core that isn't exchanging any heat sitting right on top of the heat source.


This isn't to knock proper liquid cooling systems, but the self-contained solutions are dubious at best... Meanwhile the highest end air cooling solutions are just that much better still. For instance dual-tower cooling solutions can potentially be as good as even some of the better liquid cooling solutions, for instance the exceedingly dubious and suspect review of the NH-D14 on MPC isn't aired out in other independent testing, especially with a triple fan array, particularly if they are all 140mm... If you've got room for the NH-D14 to begin with, you want 3 fans, and if you can you're going 140mm!

But I digress...


The sacrifice in performance here, potential longevity of the cooling mechanism, and possibly of catastrophic failure simply aren't off-set by the ability to say you have a liquid cooled system.


Fail-proof with superior capability trumps box-top selling points any day...



And yet, it's still beat by air.


I would've really liked to have known how it compares to the H70. What about if it's setup in push-pull?



"I would've really liked to have known how it compares to the H70"

Here's how it compares (with the H70)

Benchmark         H70        H60         H50         Armageddon Air    Antec H20

Idle (C)               33.25      37.5     36.25    35                   38.5

100% burn (C)    51.25      66.75    68        62.5                65.75

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