AMD Radeon HD 3850



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this card is cheaper than the review has suggested. it was even as cheap on sale in december as $143. i have one and for the price it can not be matched. it is an underclocked 3870, the only other difference is the ddr4 versus the ddr3, which in most tests hasn't shown hardly any difference according to most websites. and at the inflated prices of the 8800gt they shouldn't even be compared at this time, seeing as the prices for the 3850 are closer to the 8600gt than anything else and it smokes that card.



now you can find it for around $120 with 512mbs of 256 bit ram. this should please those looking at it.



What would happen if you overclocked this GPU? Would it then be comparable to the 8800GT? I've heard of the 3870's overclocking ridulously and I was wondering if you could do the same with it's little brother. This card is in my price range of sub $200 and I really need to upgrade my card to play some crysis properly! I'm not much of a gamer but Crysis is addictive so any other suggestions would be welcome for this price range as well.


Tyler Lowe

You should be able to pick up one of these cards for ~$160. At that price, it's maybe a little unfair to compare the HD3850 with the 512MB version of the 8800GT. For right around ~$199, there are several factory overclocked versions of the HD3850 available and those come equiped with 512MB of GDDR3. Other online reviews have suggested that some of the factory overclocked HD3850's are faster than stock clocked HD3870's.

I don't disagree that the 256MB version of this card isn't the best choice at resolutions greater than 1280 x 1024, but for a budget minded buyer, when you make the comparison to NVidia's offerings at this price range ($160) this card is an amazing value IMHO. Within this price range, you're looking at an 8600GTS or an HD3850, at least for the moment. For those that fall into the category of "casual gamer" or those looking to upgrade from an older mainstream card (think 7 series or older x6xx NVidia or X8**/X7** series ATI cards) this isn't a bad choice.

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