AMD Announces the Radeon 3800 Series



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does this mean HD 3870 perform better in directX 10 games than 8800GT??



It just sounds like bad journalism to compare the new ATI cards to the EVGA SSC. The 8800GT that you guys are using is factory overclocked 16.5 percent on the core (700 up from 600) and 11 percent on the memory ( 2000 up from 1800).

Why don't you run it against a stock 600/1800 GT and see how that pans out?



While nVidia's flagship boards are remarkable faster tham AMD's, this specific GPU could compete if the price is right. Personally, I don't want to spend $400 on a videocard. If AMD can price this lower than the 8800GT and allow 3rd party vendors to overclock, it could be competitive.

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