Al-Qaeda Using Fallout 3 to Plan Terror Attacks? Unlikely!


Al-Qaeda Using Fallout 3 to Plan Terror Attacks? Unlikely!

The Evening Standard, a London-based newspaper, reported a story this morning of new terror scares sparked by an image posted to Islamic extremists’ websites. The image, described by the paper as “computer-generated,” depicts an apocalyptic scene of our nation’s capital in ruin after a theoretical nuclear attack.

In reality, the image is actually a piece of concept art that was distributed by Bethesda Softworks over a year ago to promote Fallout 3, the post-apocalyptic RPG slated for release later this year.

fallout 3 concept art


The SITE Intelligence Group, an internet watchdog group that monitors Islamic militant websites, originally reported the image to the FBI when they saw it appear on two password-protected websites they believed to be linked to affliated with al-Qa’eda.

Since then, news outlets including the Evening Standard and Drudge Report have reported on the story, linking to the game art. Well done.




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Keith E. Whisman

Geez the feds are onto us.



Even the terrorist are smart enough to use the unreal engine.



lol, I just hope they stick to the call of duty 4 OpFor noobrages for now.



Next up: fundamentalists blame terrorism on video games-

They'd be dumb enough to do it too- if they haven't already tried that strategy before with (cue the Maude Flanders voice) "the children!"



Supposed to be journalism - you know, researched, well planned, thought out. Real news. Once upon a time it meant something.

These major newspapers are just no longer credible and no better researched than your average rumors site.

Hurray for the lowest common denominator.



I can't blame them for squaking about it before its researched full. There are billions of things available on the internet that people have doctored, hoax, pranked,or set free on the net without any bad intentions.



When I read this on Kotaku yesterday, I wanted to cry because of how stupid these people are and that they're the ones telling us our news.

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