Add special effects to your home video

Add special effects to your home video

I recently had a chance to spend some quality time with FXhome’s EffectsLab Pro, a CG special effects program that won’t break the bank. The quick take is that it’s a hoot for anyone who owns a DV cam and has a closet full of airsoft guns. During our reviews process we try to actually use the product the way it’s intended to be used so we grabbed some airsoft guns (a pair of M9’s and a chopped 870) and went to work.

The result is everything you’ve come to expect of an Internet video: It’s poorly shot, poorly lit, poorly acted, and poorly edited. In fact, I think there’s an actual setting Premiere Pro to take it down a few notches to make it Youtube worthy.

And not to be a punk about it, the majority of the audio was taken from the Free Sound Project which is a “collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds. I used sounds from Cognito Perceptu, Free Sound and Corpse Here in the project. The music came from iD's Doom II. The video's up on YouTube for now.



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